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KD Aubert pursues music in Jamaica

Published:Monday | September 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
K.D. Aubert explains that she doesn't intend to give up acting, but for the time being will do both.
Aubert hopes everyone will fall in love with her music.
American actress K.D. Aubert poses for a picture during her recording in the Beres Hammond recording studio. Photos by Errol Crosby

Cathy Risden, Lifestyle Writer

American Actress and model, Karen Denise Aubert, was recently in the island not to shoot a movie or a fashion shoot. Instead, she could be found in the recording studio.

The Louisiana native got her big break in 2002. While Aubert was hosting the MTV game show Kidnapped, with Dave Holmes, she landed her first major role on her first audition in the cult classic, Friday After Next. Aubert told Flair that this was the first, her favourite and funniest movie she has ever done. Frankenfish was another one of her favourites. "I get to shoot on a swamp; it was dangerous, I ended up in the hospital twice. I did a lot of my own stunts; it also had a lot of sentiment attached," she said.

Aubert started her modelling career with LA Models in 2001, and became a runway model overseas, and then ventured into print modelling with Elite Models (LA) where she was thrust into major campaigns. Soon after, Aubert entered the world of commercials, landing some very memorable campaigns.

Why Music?

"Music is something that I am passionate about. I just never had the proper professionals around me that took it to the next level. I can be funny, dramatic, and is still able to pull off all these roles, plus write music. Many persons are wondering why I am in Jamaica doing music. As a black woman in Hollywood, we are really not supposed to be there. You would have to be a Hanna Montana, so I am making the best of the opportunity."

Aubert said that she is not switching to music, but doing it in concert with what she is already doing. She is doing music that she loves and listens to. "When my music career takes off I will switch my priority by putting music first and I can't wait to switch," she told Flair excitedly. "I have had success in movies, I haven't had success in music yet, so for now acting is my priority because it keeps me afloat. As for modelling, that's easy, all I have to do is not eat."

Aubert is confident in her decision and believes that at this juncture in her life, her pursuit of music feels so right. "Everything is falling in place and I have the right people around me. I have no doubt whatsoever." Excited about this new journey, she believes that there is enough room for everyone. Aubert tells Flair that she is ready. "Hopefully, God's willing I can wow people. I would just encourage people to come along for the ride and to know that my music is not a generic label."

This is not Aubert's first time doing music. "In the beginning I think that it was taboo for someone to be talented in more than one thing," she explained. "I did rapping before acting and modelling; I used to do it at school before I approached it professionally. I have worked with some really big people, including Dr Dre. I am also a successful song writer. I have written for a few people already."

Challenges of the Movie Business

Aubert notes that one of her biggest challenges in the movie business is consistency. "You do a movie and you are on the high and then you don't get to do another one until the next six months." Another one she disclosed is her ethnicity. "Another challenge is people getting past her exterior - being too black, too pretty or too tall. She just tries not to take everything personal, "that's what gives me a lot of peace in life, and I just brush it off my shoulders and move on because I know I am extremely talented."

But she knows it takes hard work and is ready for that. "What you put into something is what you get out. Anyone who wants to get into this business you have to first understand that it's a journey. Everyone's journey is not the same and you have to be in it for the long halt," she concluded.

African Oscar Award

Aubert won an African Oscar Award for her role in the movie Turning Point, and was nominated this year for the movie, Silent No More; which is also one of her favourite movies. In the film, Aubert plays the role of a counsellor for a group of young girls who have been victims of domestic violence. She says as a victim herself, that role was a very important one to her. "I was kind of trying to cover it for many years, but had to deal with it in this movie."

Up close and Personal

The 36-year-old Sagittarian describes herself as random, bizarre, and extremely loving. She enjoys relaxing, swimming and reading books and works extremely well under pressure. "Whenever things are not going well I am the one to say, 'Relax everything happens for a reason'." One of her biggest regrets though is that she was not able to hold steady in her career as she grew.

Aubert believes that there is always room for improvement and continues to make the effort to do so, "When it comes to fitness, I push to better myself; I work out and try to eat healthy." Aubert continues.

Aubert and her father-in-law communicate on a regular basis and they maintain an awesome father-daughter relationship. "Even though he is not my biological father, we are so much alike and I just can't go long without talking to him."

As it relates to music, one of the musicians she admires is Stephanie Lynn 'Steven Nicks' for her lovely music. "Steven is someone I have been listening to for years and I just love her music. I also admire Tina Turner who is still rocking after being in the music business for over a decade."