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S&M, Your Inner Most Sexual Desires Unleashed

Published:Thursday | March 5, 2015 | 6:22 PMKarrie Williams

Pay close attention gentlemen: Lady Rosa* is a master seductress and she's on a mission to help you unleash your wildest sexual desires. However, be prepared, if you fail to abide by her instructions, you will be firmly whipped into submission.

Rosa belongs to the sexual world of sadism and masochism, which, in short, is referred to as S&M or SM. This is a lifestyle that is practised by both men and women who either need to be subjected to, or inflict pain on, in order to achieve sexual gratification.

Rosa is by definition a dominatrix and in her world, men are her sexual slaves and she is their glorified mistress. And get this, S&M is not imposed, rather it is practised based on a mutual agreement. Most of Rosa's clients are powerful business executives and successful entrepreneurs, and they pay her lucratively to be sexually dominated in all sorts of painful ways.




"Oh they love it!" Rosa exclaimed to Flair. "My clients require intense pain in order to reach their points of pleasure. Most are, in fact, married, but have lost interest in having sex with their wives because they desire new experiences which are not being given to them at home. So they end up coming to me to live out their sexual fantasies."

Whipping, asphyxiation, bondage and hot wax treatments are some of the pain-inducing applications used by Rosa to stimulate her clients. But just how did Rosa, who is married and has a successful career in hospitality management, become a dominatrix? Short in stature with a slender frame and a soft voice, she does not fit the profile of your average dominatrix. But as fate would have it, Rosa was introduced to the lifestyle by her very own husband.

"Believe it or not, my husband introduced me to this lifestyle. Before we got married, we were best friends and we knew each other's darkest secrets. He was totally into S&M and though I found it a bit reprehensible at first, when I saw how excited he became when being whipped or in bondage, I fell into the lifestyle because it made him into a much better lover, and our sex life has been very fulfilling," she states.

Since starting out with her husband, Rosa told Flair that she has gone on to become a very highly, sought-after dominatrix, serving clients both at home and overseas. But don't expect to easily

wander on to her client list. She revealed that her services are offered on a highly confidential basis, with clients being recruited through a strict referral system, supervised by her husband.

While the typical Jamaican alpha male may consider S&M to be outrageous, the lifestyle thrives in many First-World countries, especially those in Europe. And according to well-known clinical psychologist and sexologist Dr Sidney McGill, intimate relationships in Jamaica suffer from repressed sexual expression, due to the fact that society's view on marriage and intimacy are largely ethnocentric. He sees S&M as simply another avenue for sexually liberated men and women to express themselves.


ethnocentric view


"Rarely do you find spouses who are so intimate in their relationships that they know each other's vulnerability down to the last item. I think our consciousness level in Jamaica is pretty low comparatively speaking to First-World countries. I think we are still at what I would call an ethnocentric view. We focus on what others are doing and we take our examples from them and say we want to fit in, that's just like being a teenager, and I think we are an adolescent society. We are tribal, we are partisan and we are black or white, we don't see the 50 shades of grey," he said.

But not everyone readily agrees with McGill. David Smith, a self-proclaimed modern day King Solomon, is simply appalled by the whole idea of S&M.

"The minds of those so-called men are sick; they need serious psychiatric help, and any woman who finds pleasure in seeing a man that way is just as messed up as the man himself," he said passionately.

*NB. Names of Rosa and David Smith have been changed to protect their privacy; they requested anonymity.