Sun | Jul 22, 2018

Feeling myself

Published:Monday | February 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM

"People tend to think that their partner is responsible for their orgasms but that is not always true; you are," said sexologist Dr Sidney McGill. This is why individuals should get to know themselves so that they can be fully brought to that climax.

While many religions that view the practice of masturbation as a taboo, Dr McGill believes that this is a way to get to know yourself in the bedroom. This offers you a better sexual experience when with your partner.

"You need to know what makes you aroused and helps to stimulates you to bring you to that orgasm; masturbation is good sexual self-knowledge," he informed.

This can also be used as a release for extra specimen in the men's prostate. It is also good to relieve tension and anxiety for both genders.

Some individuals do have an increased libido and thus feel the need to masturbate even if they have a sexual outlet. This is also understandable as they may use it complementary to intercourse with their partner.

There is nothing specific that states how much is excessive masturbation. But Dr McGill did note that too much of anything is bad and thus one will have to guard himself or herself against that. This is especially evident when someone has a sexual partner and instead of having intercourse with them, they choose to masturbate. There is obviously something wrong with this situation and the person will have to re-evaluate their sexual activities as it is not there to eliminate person-to-person contact but enhance it.