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The Dynamic Lifestyle: Working and working out

Published:Monday | April 11, 2016 | 12:00 AMPatrice White
Belinda Williams Dynamic Lifestyle
Belinda in January, before starting the Dynamic Lifestyle.
Belinda Williams, 33 pounds lighter.
Belinda’s post-Dynamic Lifestyle body.
I had to start paying attention to my health, especially as I got older and the big 50 approaches.

Is it possible to find a balance between work life and working out?

I don't know about you, but when I started my fitness journey, I was frustrated, tired and just couldn't get it. My friends will tell you, I have more than one sweet tooth - nothing sweet was safe around me. This 5'5" tall certified mixologist seriously abused food.

Like many persons, I came to realise that I wanted to feel better, look better, and be stronger. Last year, I made the shift from liquor to lifestyle, and from fat to fitness.

Since then, I can't say I've got it perfect because we're human. However, I was able to drop more than 45 pounds, start a running club - Sonic Steppers - and became a certified lifestyle and nutrition coach.

I'm still learning how to create the balance between work and working out, and I have been able to help others do the same. My ultimate mission is to transform lives, one person at a time.

Trust me, I know it's not easy. Maybe you've tried it all and it really didn't work. Perhaps you've tried the gym, some crazy fad diet, and everything in-between, but just can't seem to stick to it. I'd love to help you to become a better version of you. I'll be your personal transformational coach every second and fourth Monday in the Flair Magazine.

Feel free to ask me any question. My team and I are ready to help you to turn your fitness up ... way up!

Today, I have something especially for you amazing working mothers.

Belinda Williams, communications manager at National Commercial Bank (NCB), is a working mom with two adult daughters and a demanding social life. She came to us for assistance and lost 30 pounds in nine weeks. The pictures represent more than just a changed body, but a changed mind.

Here's Belinda's story:

"At the end of January, after my annual executive profile, it became apparent that I can't be doing the same things and expect different results. I had to start paying attention to my health, especially as I get older and the big 50 approaches.

The approach I took was similar to how I operate professionally. For once, I decided that I was going to make time. I simply must get it done - no excuses. So, mentally, I was determined to make a success of this. We do this in our profession every day - meeting deadlines and achieving goals - why not apply it to our personal lives as well? I've managed to develop and practise the techniques shared from my running mates at Sonic Steppers. I now have a pattern that works best for me to efficiently control and maximise my breathing, crucial in optimising the benefits of running.




My greatest changes were threefold - waking up earlier, exercising and sweating, and meal preparations to manage and control my diet. Those are now new habits I have developed.

I find I have to be more organised and even more time-sensitive. I think I am even a bit more patient and tempered. This helps especially when you are part of a high-performing team with high expectations. To all the working moms, my advice to you - just as you set appointments and make time for everything else in your life - make an appointment for you.

It won't be easy, but on those odd occasions when inertia sets in, I remind myself - this is an investment in me and I control the outcome. Then again, maintaining this habit becomes easier when you have great support and a bunch of like-minded positive people around to encourage you. Another mantra riveted in my psyche by one of my trainers I repeat at times is - 'This is the best of my life for the rest of my life.'

Now that I have lost 33 pounds, the current challenge is transitioning into the smaller clothes and finding outfits from my closet that now fit. But that is a good problem to have - and there are belts. I hesitate purchasing new pieces until I get to the stage where I know comfortably will be my new size.

Be realistic, but at the same time, aspirational. Think big for yourself - make your goals huge. You will be better for having dreamt and performed above what you had initially imagined."

• Patrice J. White is a certified lifestyle and fitness coach and founder and president of the Sonic Steppers Running Club. Email: Instagram:@patricejwhite, Twitter: Patricejwhite