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Kitchen Aid: Baking soda

Published:Thursday | June 4, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
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Our kitchen is a treasure trove of ingredients that can do double duty. Yes, most of the ingredients in your kitchen is not just for cooking. So if you didn't know, now you will know with our weekly feature - Kitchen Aid. Every week, we will explore some of the other uses of every day ingredients you can find in your cupboard.

Today we start with a very popular one - baking soda. This week we give you 10 different uses for bicarbonate of soda.

1 If you have tough coffee stains in your tea cup, baking soda can do the trick. Add a small amount to your favourite dish washing liquid and it will remove the stains like bleach without the harsh reaction on your hands and nostrils.

2 You can use baking soda to shine your silverware by making a paste with water then scrub.

3 If you experience heartburn after eating, a small amount of baking soda can be a great antacid.

4 You can either add baking soda to your toothpaste or use it with water as a toothpaste substitute to polish your teeth, adding that sparkle to your smile.

5 Add approximately one teaspoon to a glass of water and use as a mouthwash to eliminate, and not mask, bad breath.

6 Some individuals are allergic to harsh perfumes and ingredients in the average deodorant. Using baking soda under the arms works very well in keeping body odours at bay without any allergic reaction.

7 Making a paste with baking soda can assist in removing and lightening the armpits from 'deodorant burns' which so many women and men of colour suffer from.

8 Make a lightweight paste with water and baking soda and use it as an exfoliating scrub. This works wonders for your skin.

9 Sometimes a shampoo is just not enough when it comes to removing build-up on your hair. Thus adding a little baking soda to your shampoo will help to strip the hair of product build up.

10 If you have sweaty feet, causing

your shoes to smell, sprinkling a little baking soda in the shoe will have it smelling fresh by morning. Just remember to shake it out before wearing.