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Fayval Williams presented as the newly elected Jamaica Labour Party candidate for the St. Andrew Eastern constituency

Published:Monday | March 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Andrew Holness, leader of the Jamaica Labour Party, in discussion with Fayval Williams, the party’s candidate for St Andrew Eastern, during an Area Council One meeting held yesterday at the Papine High School in St Andrew.

Although they were few in number, the support for Fayval Williams was strong yesterday as she was presented as the newly elected Jamaica Labour Party candidate for St Andrew Eastern.

The presentation took place during the JLP St Andrew Eastern Constituency Conference staged at the Papine High School in St Andrew.

"This is a very large constituency. If you look at the span of incomes, you have very poor communities and very rich communities. There are a lot of resources in St Andrew Eastern that we need to make use of. We have universities that are not fully integrated into communities," Williams told The Gleaner.

"I'm sure you have heard talk about making Papine a college town. The plans have not yet been put into action, and that is something I would like to push going forward. If you look at the nearby communities around the universities, you can realise that there should be much more vibrant economies; ones that can accommodate their needs whether it be meals or housing. It can be much better organised where the students and communities benefit from that economic activity," she added.

Williams also noted that water is another huge concern for that area as there is water in the Mona reservoir but residents complain everyday, year round, about water shortage.

"The issue of crime and violence in our communities also needs to be addressed, and I am not just referring to the inner-city communities as middle-class communities are seeing it as well. The residents are afraid to come home late at nights for fear of what will happen at their gates; they are fearful for their businesses," she stated.




"There are many issues to work on in St Andrew Eastern, issues that impact the quality of life for people everyday. Those are the things that when people think about their representative in Parliament, they want the strongest advocate, and I am that person," Williams continued.

JLP Leader Andrew Holness also expressed his support for Williams.

"Firstly, I am expecting her to win. That's the only reason you select a candidate. I expect her to give it her fullest, to mobilise, to organise and, more importantly, to represent the people of the constituency. They are desirous of good representation, strong representation, and I believe Fayval has the capacity to do it. She is a hard worker from what I have observed, one who is dedicated and committed, so I am expecting good things from her," he told The Gleaner.