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Independence Day greetings from Rio de Janeiro

Published:Saturday | August 6, 2016 | 12:15 AM

Jamaica celebrates its 54th year of independence today and as the country's athletes get ready to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games – the island’s 14th appearance at the Summer Olympics as an independent nation, the occasion was not lost on some of its own sons and daughters here in the Brazilian city – and even a few from elsewhere as well.  
Usain Bolt (athlete):
“It’s a great day for us, we are using this as always to push us – this is normally the time when we push forward in the Olympics and we will enjoy the day as always so have fun and love each other.”
Stephen Francis (coach):
“I’d like to tell Jamaica happy Independence Day it has been 54 years and I hope that the next 10 will be better than the previous 54. I'm sure we are working towards it, I hope everyone will pull together and help us to have a better future than what we have experienced in the past
Simone Facey (athlete)
“I just want to wish Jamaica a big Happy Independence. I am ready to go and do my best in the 200m and make all Jamaicans proud, have a great day Jamaica!

Shaunae Miller (athlete – Bahamas)
“Happy Independence Day Jamaica!”
Yona Knight-Wisdom (diver):
“Happy Independence Day from here in Rio to everyone back home in Jamaica.”