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NEPA completes probe into Kingston oil spill

Published:Friday | December 30, 2016 | 11:19 AM
A look at the oil spill in the Kingston Harbour following the incident in November.

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) says it has now completed its initial investigation and ecological assessment into the November oil spills in the Kingston Harbour and it has started legal talks with the parties allegedly involved in the incident.

In a statement last night, NEPA did not name the parties but said the release of any trade effluent, industrial waste, noxious or polluting matter into any harbour constitutes a criminal offence. 

NEPA says the Natural Resources Conservation Authority has the legal right to, among other things, recover any cost incurred in seeking to reduce the potential impact of the oil spill.

Between November 24 and 26, there were three oil spills confined to the Newport East area of the Kingston Harbour.

NEPA says its investigations found that two of the spills were as a result of an operational accident during bunkering activities.

It said the other spill occurred from a land-based facility.

As a result of the incidents, an oil sheen covered an area of approximately 27 km square of the Harbour extending to the shoreline of the Palisadoes.