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Sector leaders suggest where revenue could come from

Published:Wednesday | February 8, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Metry Seaga
Dennis Chung

Where should the Government get revenue to fund the Budget for the upcoming fiscal year?

Metry Seaga, president, Jamaica Manufacturers' Association:

We have a compliance rate of less than 50 per cent. That's just not acceptable, and it means that the ones of us that are doing the right thing and paying our taxes are paying for those that are not. So, I think compliance has got to be increased and we have to start collecting more.

Hugh Johnson, president, Small Business Association of Jamaica:

We believe that it can be obtained from property tax. We think that property tax should not be on the land value but the improved value of the property. [For example], I have a piece of land that values $10 million. The man beside me, he builds up a huge complex that values $200 million. Why should we pay the same tax on it?

Dennis Chung, chief executive officer, Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica:

One of the suggestions that the PSOJ made in the 2012 working group report on tax is that we should broaden the general consumption tax and by doing so also push more money into programmes like PATH (Programme for Advancement Through Health and Education) which will more directly impact people at the lower scale.