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Clarke: Keep prosperity train rolling

Published:Tuesday | February 12, 2019 | 12:00 AM

The 15 consecutive quarters of economic growth achieved under the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is more than enough reason to keep it in power, Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke told Labourites during Sunday’s Area Council One Conference at the Pembroke Hall Community Centre, St Andrew.

“We are at a time of the greatest economic opportunity that we have seen in Jamaica in living memory. Come Monday morning, more people will go to work than ever before in the history of Jamaica,” Clarke, who is also member of parliament for St Andrew North West, told his constituents.

Female employment is also on the rise at an unprecedented level, outstripping their male counterparts, he disclosed.

“The last numbers that came out showed over 25,000 females additionally were employed, and when you look at the occupational categories, in the category ‘professional senior official and technical’, 7,800 people were employed in the last report, and of that amount, 7,600 were females.

“A nuh me say so, STATIN (the Statistical Institute of Jamaica) say so!”

The first-time member of parliament went on to cite some of the improvements that have been achieved in his constituency since March 5, 2018, when he polled 4,448 votes to beat back the challenge of the People’s National Party’s Keisha Hayle, who got 2,812 votes.

‘Not Jokin’ around’

“Whole heapa road build, nuff drain clean and other infrastructural projects, zinc fence come down, and proper concrete fence go up. When it comes to even dealing with mosquitoes, we don’t joke around, so North West is moving in a right direction.”

However, the economic gains extend well beyond the boundaries of St Andrew North West, its member of parliament was proud to share.

“We are moving in the right direction, and never before have the major variables in our economy been aligned as they are, nor have they ever been as positive, and that is showing up in your lives, our ability to spend on areas that are of concern to you,” said Clarke.

“If you want the prosperity to continue, then it is important for you to be mobilised, for you to be motivated, and for you to ensure that Jamaica remains under the governance of the Jamaica Labour Party, under the Most Honourable Prime Minister Andrew Michael Holness.”