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Family split on party support but live good

Published:Saturday | August 29, 2020 | 12:14 AMOlivia Brown/Gleaner Writer
Wilbert Allison, a resident of Hope district in the Mocho division of Clarendon North Central.
Wilbert Allison, a resident of Hope district in the Mocho division of Clarendon North Central.

Wilbert Allison and his cousin, Narel Allison, are farmers from Hope District in Mocho, Clarendon.

The cousins share a lot in common, including home space and a fervent love for agriculture. The men, however, sit on opposite sides of the political divide but say that that has never affected their relationship.

“We good, man. All my relatives a Labourite, you know. A just me and my daughter a PNP,” said Wilbert.

Wilbert, 66, a supporter of the People’s National Party (PNP), said his party would not win the Clarendon North Central battleground seat but that he still intended to vote for Dr Desmond Brennan of the PNP on September 3. “Me nah sell out, you know, so me still a vote fi PNP.”

His cousin countered, noting that political representatives had not done enough in the constituency to get support from the electorate. “If them can give me 10 bags a fertiliser, then me will vote. A one set a people them a help, and when them give them fertiliser, a sell them sell it,” said Narel.

Wilbert admitted that there was little support for farmers in Mocho. He said that the roads to bring their produce to markets are in a deplorable condition. He insists that this is a disincentive to business.

He noted that the lack of water for irrigation purposes posed a serious challenge to farmers, especially in a community that is dependent on rain for water.

The cousins gave details of a water tank that has helped to alleviate the water woes in Hope District. However, the tank had been out of service, affecting the livelihood of residents.

According to the residents, the tank, erected by Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) councillor Romaine Morris, began leaking some eight months ago.

When The Gleaner contacted Morris, he said that he was aware of the damage. The councillor said that repairs to the tank was delayed as there were other communities that had not yet received their tanks.

Morris said that 18 water tanks had been installed in communities across the division so far and that his team was set to erect an additional eight.

The JLP’s Robert Morgan is going up against Brennan for the Clarendon North Central seat. Brennan lost in the last election to the incumbent Pearnel Charles Sr by 529 votes.