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Letter of the Day: Bolt is not the neighbour from hell

Published:Tuesday | June 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I have been observing the brouhaha on social media about 'Jinx' and her issues with Usain Bolt as her neighbour.

I am one of his neighbours, not in the manner of Jinx, who lives in a gated community behind the properties here, but in the manner of actually living on the same road with him. As the mother of four young children, I have a vested interest in maintaining the integrity and quiet enjoyment of our neighbourhood.

I disagree with the image painted by Jinx. Bolt has parties, very occasionally - maybe once or twice a year, as do I and the neighbours across the street. I am not sure how Jinx can distinguish between my parties and my neighbour's or Mr Bolt's.

He also has had people over at his house, but not every night, every weekend or even every month. I am unsure if those get-togethers are being defined as parties. I do not consider them to be so. I also believe he has a right to have guests. He plays music at these functions, which I can hear, so perhaps Jinx can, too, but it is also not a nuisance that goes on all night or even excessively, certainly not in breach of any legislation.

He does dirt bike, but he wasn't the first as they have been drag-racing up and down Norbrook Road and up into Norbrook Heights since I was a child. It used to be Ninjas and Kawasakis; now it's ATVs and dirt bikes. He didn't start it, and in the absence of regulatory or legislative intervention, it will continue long after he is gone.

I know exactly when Mr Bolt, or someone from his property, is using these machines because the trailer that transports the dirt bikes/ATVs parks just above my house while they offload. This also happens very occasionally, not every week or even every month.

I certainly don't defend bad behaviour. I guarantee that if it were as bad as it has been painted, I would be just as upset, if not more so, as I am right here. He certainly is not the 'neighbour from hell' and has just as much right to enjoy his property.

If one is actually a neighbour, there are ways in which to approach someone whose activities you find burdensome. Were I exceedingly burdened by the loud weed-whackers and tree-saw sounds, or the constant screams from the children playing on Jinx's property, I would have a quiet word with her property manager. I, however, don't find these noises a burden because I acknowledge my neighbours' right to enjoy their property in a manner not overly vexatious, if occasionally inconvenient, to me.

The approach taken and the language used in this unfortunate event have led me to believe that there is indeed a 'neighbour from hell' in this matter. I however, don't believe it is Mr Bolt.



Norbrook, Kingston 8