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Blame the NWC if you lose this election, Madam PM

Published:Saturday | September 19, 2015 | 12:02 AM
L’Aventura residents have been affected by severe sewage woes, says letter writer Leroy Brown.
Mark Barnett, president of the NWC.

Leroy Brown


The National Water Commission (NWC) has got to be the worst utility company in the world. It starts projects and hardly ever completes them, or does so whenever it's ready.

The Essex Valley Water Supply System was first introduced to the residents of St Elizabeth in 2001 and a contract signed in 2008, which would have seen several communities such as Myersville, Northampton, Warminster, Nain, Lititz, Fairfield, Cheapside and Gazeland getting potable water in their pipes. However, those pregnant expectations have been stillborn.

I am from Myersville, and in 2010 we all watched excitedly as NWC lay the pipes for this precious commodity. Residents came out to render any assistance possible, anything just to have water flowing through the pipes. Then after the pipes were laid in 2010, nothing!

I know Myersville is not the only incomplete project out there for the NWC. There is a complex on Washington Boulevard by the name of L'Aventura, which has severe sewerage problems. In a bid to try to solve the problem, they dug up an area trying to find the source. This was done in November 2014. To date, they have not returned to cover the big, gaping hole they left at the entrance of the complex.

When asked at the time when they would return to fix or cover the hole, residents were told to call the NWC and make a report. This from the same NWC members who dug the hole. Several reports were made and no one from the NWC came to cover the hole.

The residents had to make it a Labour Day project to cover the hole. And by the way, the sewage problem is still polluting the air and making residents sick.