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Warmington boorish, so, too, Cordel Green

Published:Saturday | January 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Cordel Green
Everald Warmington


The current brouhaha over a comment attributed to a member of parliament and directed at government minister Lisa Hanna is not unwarranted.

The offending MP has proven time and again that he is out of control, and his list of offences grows by the day. How can we forget the comments made about a female journalist a few years ago or him flashing the bird to the media a few months ago?

Despite public outcry after several offences, the MP seems to be beyond redemption. He clearly can't help himself being the perfect example to our children of how not to behave.

Other rude comments he made in the House have gone under the radar, including telling a government MP, "Oh, shut up, Luther Buchanan! Chik-V nyam off piece a yuh face!" and fellow opposition MP Pearnel Charles, "Deaf ears, siddung and shut yuh mouth!"

The fellow seems to be an untouchable, as his party leadership is clearly afraid of him. We also can't expect someone who doesn't know what decency is to "do the decent thing and resign" as some people have been calling for. That is certainly beyond his capacity and his constituents don't seem to mind his crassness.

More than two decades after winning the Miss World title, Hanna, by and large, is still the yardstick by which Jamaican beauty and femininity is measured. But an attack last weekend on the minister at Rebel Salute, which was emceed by the Broadcasting Commission's Cordel Green, made me wonder if she is fair game for assault.

In seeking a 'forward', the MC said he wanted to give Hanna a pump, and that he didn't pump bad gas! This received roars of approval from the audience. It also showed why many people saw nothing wrong in Chris Gayle's recent comments to the reporter Down Under. Jamaica is clearly a place where everybody says what they feel like and who waa bex jus bex!