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Support laws governing cyberspace

Published:Thursday | September 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The proliferation of information communication technologies (ICT) is moving apace, and as international smart phone manufacturers continue their rivalry and dominance of the ICT industry, ordinary individuals are finding themselves swept up in the never-ending euphoria of 'smarter' devices entering the market.

While the fluidity and convenience that such improved technology no doubt brings to the fingertips of the ordinary individual is much cherished, it would be quite remiss for there not to be an equal appreciation of the dangers which also flow in accordance with ICTs. More and more, it is becoming quite evident that most of the 'ordinary' individuals who have the world at their fingertips do not readily appreciate the dangers which are concomitant with such a luxury. these dangers range from hacking and theft of personal information and identity, to the cruel life-shattering impact that cyberbullying can have on victims.

Take, for instance, the recent case in Italy where a 31-year-old woman committed suicide after a year of being cyberbullied after an explicit video of her went viral. Cases like these respect no geographic boundaries and can easily play out here in our island space, if this has not already been the case.

It is with this in mind that all stakeholders, inclusive of government, must play their part in public-education campaigns and supporting existing legislation, while pushing for more stringent and comprehensive laws that ould allow maximum redress to those who may be ensnared by the dark side of the web.

Noel Matherson