Fri | Jan 19, 2018

No evidence, logic there's a god, Mr James

Published:Tuesday | January 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I read the letter in your Monday, January 23, 2017, edition from Ewin James, titled 'Atheism - a denial of reality', and I feel I must respond.

Mr James makes what is the single biggest mistake one can make when discussing atheism, and that is assuming that atheists don't believe in any gods because of some traumatic event in our lives. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes, watching horrendous events in our world today could (and should) make even the most devout believers question their god. But the reason I am an atheist, the reason atheists don't believe in any gods is because there simply isn't one iota of evidence for a god. I didn't need to suffer any life-altering event to realise the foolishness in believing in any god. Evidence, reason, and logic have shown me that there are no deities.

Mr James then goes on to quote scripture as his evidence for his god. This, as anyone knows, is circular logic. you cannot prove a book you say is written by your deity to prove your deity exists. I had a Spider-Man comic book as a child. this book alone did not prove the existence of His Webness.

Mr James quotes philosophers in an attempt to prove what, in his mind, is a certainty. He is absolutely certain that all people actually believe in his god but deny it. He has to believe this, or else his own belief would be tested. He takes a presuppositionalist stance on his god, one that has been proven wrong in countless debates worldwide.

I know in my heart that there is no god. Evidence, logic, reason, and science rule our universe, not a belief in deities.

I don't know Mark Wignall, but I do know that when one disagrees with someone and uses a term such as 'displaying his schoolboy fascination with sex', that person's argument is immediately lost. Mr James, stick to the topic and leave the childish insults where they belong.

In fact, Mr James's entire letter consists of casting aspersions at others in an attempt to make his own position true - a losing move in any disagreement, but especially in a religious one.

Yes, Mr James, there are true atheists. Here I am.


West Virginia, USA