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How FLOW rear-ends Jamaican subscribers!

Published:Saturday | April 22, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Erica Virtue


I am using this opportunity to share my experience of the treatment meted out to Jamaican consumers who subscribe to FLOW.

Many consumers who subscribe to this company suffer not only a sour taste of LIME in our mouths, but a smelly backside, as the country is rear-ended by a system that has the approval of the Jamaican Government, including the current administration and its predecessors.

During the London Olympics, I had no cable service for two weeks, and especially during the track and field segment. I had to watch Usain Bolt and Elaine Thompson win their races at the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre. To date, I have received no rebate for the period, and it's not because I did not call the fiends who claimed to have provided service.

Then in October 2016, for four consecutive days, I had neither Internet nor cable service.

It had nothing to do with anything popping down in my house.

Again, the situation was reported numerous times, during which time I continued to lose channels and programmes.

During the third week of March 2017, I lost Internet service at home. Why? FLOW barred my account because I did not pay February's bill, and despite it being two weeks before the March bill was due. I only knew that my account was barred when I called in a technician who contacted FLOW, as he could not find a problem. The same situation obtains this month, as I have not paid for March, and April's bill will be due soon. Internet service only came back after I paid for February.

Since Tuesday, April 18, 2017, FLOW has withdrawn Internet service because of my non-payment of the March bill, in protest of the company's failure to grant the rebate for two weeks and four days without either Internet or cable. Currently, only my cable is up.

I am also waiting for the next call asking me if I would likely switch to Digicel Play. I am waiting to be told about the rebate I must get. It is clear that the brays of the Broadcasting Commission mean nothing, and it's the reason why like Bob Marley, I feel like bombing a church.

Like the two political parties in Jamaica, we have only been exchanging black dogs for blacker dogs.