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Patience with FLOW wearing thin

Published:Saturday | October 21, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I write to express my total disgust with the inefficiency and incompetence of FLOW.

On October 5, my home telephone service was disrupted as a result of the service wires being impacted arising from them coming in contact with a garbage truck. The impact pulled down the stanchion that supports both my electricity and telephone cables.

I immediately made contact with both the JPS and FLOW to advise them of the situation, and to seek their assistance. This occurred mid-afternoon. JPS responded the following morning at 7:30 a.m. and rectified their side of the problem.

In contrast, I was advised by FLOW that the earliest service date available would be October 17, and that someone would visit and or contact me on the day.

I called on the morning of the 17th, and the customer service agent with whom I spoke assured me that I would be visited during the day. The day passed and nothing happened. I attended FLOW's customer service office on Carlton Crescent on October 18, and the person with whom I spoke at first confirmed that indeed I should have been contacted on the 17th, but could not explain why this had not occurred.

She promised to raise the level of my complaint and that someone would call me by the end of the day. That has not happened, and when I called their office the morning of Friday, October 20, I am being advised that the scheduled service date is now November 15.

In all of this, I have been speaking with juniors/first responders, and my request to speak with a supervisor or manager elicits the response that no one is available to speak with me.

I consider FLOW's lack of timely response and attention as gross incompetence and inefficiency, and given that I am probably among a very small number of persons who have all their communications services (landline, Internet, email, cell phone and cable) with one company, one would at least expect some semblance of competent service. Unfortunately, FLOW seems to be living out the meaning of its acronym - Following Lime's Old Ways (FLOW).

I await the restoration of my telephone service.