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Time to start serving

Published:Friday | December 29, 2017 | 12:00 AM



As I consider the current situation between the government and public sector bodies I can't help but wonder, is not the workman worthy of his wages? Policies have been implemented by past governments that give special consideration to past prime ministers and other government officials. They have been granted special care and continued funding even after they demit office.
Teachers, doctors, police, have made a claim for higher wages and in my opinion the government must consider a feasible package to compensate the unsung heroes of this nation who often are taken for granted. Do they not have feelings? Do they not have desires? Do they not have passions? Don't they want to see their children be given hope of a brighter future?
Political parties and politicians claim they're for the people but their actions prove otherwise on many occasions.  If these politicians are truly servants and wish to serve this country in a meaningful way, I urge them to cut their salaries and put the money towards the salaries of civil servants.

There is a ridiculous practice of changing vehicles once a new party takes power. Let us stop wasting taxpayers' money with this foolishness. The public service and the people of this nation have suffered and endured many hardships and have co-operated on many occasions as our fathers, mothers brothers, sisters and friends are murdered. Daily, our law enforcers risk their lives in ensuring that the citizens are safe. Our doctors/nurses are stretched emotionally and mentally along with other public sector groups and need to be encouraged.
So, my question to the government and opposition is, what have you sacrificed? It is time to start serving the people of this nation. 

Reverend Kenroy Edwards
Associate pastor
Freedom Evangelical Association
St Catherine