Mon | Jun 17, 2019

FLOW ruined my business

Published:Friday | September 28, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I returned to Jamaica to start my business. Everything was going wonderfully until October 2017 when the FLOW cable wires that provide service to my home and business were damaged. We notified FLOW then, and until the time of writing this letter, September 26, 2018, I'm still without Internet service.

We have contacted FLOW customer service on several occasions. We called, we visited the office multiple times, and nothing has been done. My home business is currently non-existent because of FLOW; 97 per cent of my customer base is online. FLOW Internet was my only option because the other Internet provider is not available at my location.

We last visited the FLOW office in Ocho Rios on July 20, 2018, and spoke to Erica Wynter, a representative. She instructed us to email her the following week and remind her of our conversation so she could do a follow-up with the new engineer and get our problem resolved. We emailed Erica Wynter on July 28, and until today we have not got a reply.

My only source of income is gone. The business has failed. The only thing FLOW does is to continuously mailing us bills about outstanding balance of $11,000. How can I owe FLOW a bill when I've been without service for 11 months. I had to pay $9,000 deposit and I paid one month's bill in advance.