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Disgusted over Digicel modem service

Published:Thursday | December 6, 2018 | 12:00 AM


This is an open letter to Justin Morin, Digicel chief executive officer.

I purchased a Digicel LTE Greenpack Broadband wireless home modem for about $5,000 at the Digicel Portmore Pines Sovereign Centre branch in January 2018, which I have been adding credit to when I need to use the Internet.

However, in October 2018, when I went back to the branch to add credit, I was told by the representative that Digicel no longer supports my modem. This was confirmed by one of their operations managers who I spoke to at their head office. I was also advised that the fact that I purchased the modem, it belongs to me, and if it is not working, Digicel is not responsible.

How can you, Digicel, stop supporting my modem and then tell me it's not your fault why it is not working? Really, Digicel! Whose fault is it?


Garbage modem


In essence, what I am being told is that I might as well throw my modem in the garbage, as Digicel no longer supports it, bearing in mind that I have it for less than a year, and even though it's the same LTE brand Digicel is now promoting.

I have spoken to numerous persons at Digicel whose names I kept a record of, including an operations manager, customer service manager, with numerous apologies, but no resolution to the matter.

Could Digicel advise me what my options are, whether or not they will replace my modem, or do I have to throw it in the garbage?

Digicel's senior managers are forward thinkers in technology. Could it have been one of their strategies that they were getting rid of these types of modems, knowing fully well they were going to discontinue supporting this modem?

Digicel's treatment of this matter has been unconscionable.


Greater Portmore