Sun | Feb 16, 2020

Negril needs attention

Published:Friday | January 24, 2020 | 12:37 AM


I would like to join the many writers to this newspaper who have expressed concerns about the situation in Negril. I visited over the New Year holiday period and was appalled at the level of hustling and badgering of visitors on the beach by folks selling all kinds of items and services.

I believe the Ministry of Tourism will have to embark on a new anti-harassment campaign to re-sensitise the local residents against this harmful practice while at the same time create opportunities to provide meaningful employment for the local people who, quite frankly, are just trying to survive with their hustling.

The main Norman Manley Boulevard must also come in for some attention. It’s generally unkempt, with pan chicken drums everywhere and traffic islands in the middle of the roads, creating a real danger for motorists at nights.

Even the ‘Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica’ sign has been blown off its stand and lies on the ground a dutty up di place tuh.

Negril is a very special place. Just being there imbues you with a sense of peace. You can literally feel the weight come off your shoulders when you arrive. But we must care and protect this place for us and future generations.