Fri | Feb 26, 2021

Readers’ reactions – No lifetime ban for Collier

Published:Friday | February 19, 2021 | 12:08 AM

Former JetBlue flight attendant Kalina Collier is not likely to be banned from ever visiting Jamaica, as Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett urges the closing of that chapter in the country’s history. Here are some readers’ reactions via The Gleaner’s Twitter and Facebook pages:

If she had issued an apology I would have agreed with the minister’s stance. She should be banned from entering the country for at least five years.

– @JAZ56737551

I am not saying a lifetime, just 60 years.

– @elderkirkandre

Minister Bartlett, delegate this task of ‘barring entry’ to a subordinate. It has done serious damage to our hotel industry. The only serious actors in this situation have been @JetBlue.

– @PTirrante

Really now, Minister? After damaging Brand Jamaica, an example should have been made right away with her. Not only she should have been banned from ever entering this country again but face legal ramifications.

– Ryan Young

It takes a long time to build a positive global reputation, and comparatively little time to erode trust in that reputation. This woman should face consequences for compromising our currently fragile tourism industry with her clout chasing and lies.

– Ashli Taylor

This is the problem we’re having in Jamaica. When people commit crimes they’re not held to account, no consequence. So why shouldn’t she or someone else do this again?

– Livingston Brown

Well, this sure is a slap in the face to JetBlue after they went all out, investigated, and found it fit to fire her because she deserved it! The tourism minister now don’t find it fit to ban her? Next time she comes to Jamaica she might do worst because she seems like a spiteful, sick person!

– Lizzie Thompson

She lost her job. Can we just stop now? Good God, man. I am a Jamaican, I do not know her, or her mother. How will her demise really benefit you all? I believe she has learnt her lesson.

– Keisha Jones

Not so fast, Mr Bartlett. Who is your adviser? Why must we be the laughing stock of the world? You know full well what would have happened to her if she dared pulled that stunt in other countries. She should be given some form of punishment. You said not a lifetime ban, so give her a five-10-year ban.

– Judith Drakes

Hey, her money is green too, right? We let parolees and ex-cons enjoy the country. So, why not a liar? Again, her money is legal tender. So, I am good with that.

– Jackson K Calhoun