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Twas Trending

Published:Friday | July 14, 2017 | 4:58 PM

From Yonce to love, ignorance and tragic loss; this week took us on an emotional roller coaster, here are the highlights:

Ishawna disses Miss Lou

Now we are  all for clashes in entertainment; most artistes get fame for calling out other artistes just so that people know their names. Well Ishawna thinking she is 'legendary' called out the  poetic genius - Louise Bennett on her clothing. For one Miss Lou is an icon, saying that she  will  wear any table cloth is completely unnecessary. Call out someone who is actually in the same profession as you are. This was just tacky. Keep the comparisons to dancehall because in truth and in fact whether in attire or talent,you will never be in the same league. 

Yonce Buns
The buns have been out of the oven for sometime and finally there is the big reveal. In true Beyonce fashion it had to be an elaborate photoshoot, following up on the garden baby bump theme. Congrats. 

Another Spider-Man Romance
Spiderman  Homecoming Stars Zendaya and Tom Holland have coupled up like their  predecessors Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst as well as Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. We are always happy for Zendaya, so hopefully this one lasts a bit longer than the others. 

Brandon Rodgers dies
Brandon Rodgers auditioned for America’s Got Talent and made it but unfortunately had a tragic accident and passed away. To pay their respects AGT still played his performance. The 29 year old, Family Medicine Doctor sang Ribbon in the Sky by Stevie Wonder. He received a standing ovation  has been trending ever since. This is a sad farewell. Definitely gone too soon. RIP.