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God's gifts for prosperity

Published:Monday | September 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Steve Lyston

There are many resources that God has given Christians to build nations, organisations and even the marketplace. However, many are spending millions in the wrong places in order to get solutions for survival.

The gifts are spiritual resources given to Christians for the profit of all.

Spiritual gifts are not to be buried or hidden in the ground (Matthew 25; Luke 19). Many church leaders, over the years, have done a poor job of teaching their members who work in the marketplace - the public and private sectors - how to apply the spiritual gifts they possess to daily situations they face, and how to use those gifts to build.

Surprisingly, even Christians who observe other Christians using their God-given gifts call them evil or crazy, yet they listen to the horoscope, engage in tea leaf reading, tarot card readings, palm-reading, and use other medium and devices to gain information within the marketplace; and all these bring defilement.

The recent passing of the flexi-week bill in the House of Representatves is an indication that Christians, wherever they are placed, need to utilise their God-given gifts to advise their employers and to make meaningful contributions.

If even God rested from work, then we need also to follow suit. This will not help the economy, instead it will destroy the economy; and when the dust settles, we will see whether it is mammon or God's Word that will triumph.

It is critical now, more than ever, for those who possess the spiritual gifts to begin utilising them; advise their organisations on business decisions.

It is very critical for whose within the private or public sectors to help those within their sectors to understand times and seasons; how, when, where and in what to invest, and the proper direction when there is going to be market expansion, and even to make other major decisions.

As the globe darkens, gifts and talents will be more valuable than even academic qualifications. God used men like Joseph, Daniel, Isaiah and Nehemiah to rebuild and reform nations.

Dreams and visions

Spiritual gifts go beyond religious beliefs. For example, for many within the marketplace, God uses dreams and visions to speak to them for decision-making. While many are unable to interpret it, some believe it is foolish and ignore the gifts, only to pay the price later. For example, God uses dreams to speak to us in six ways. They are as follows: to provide God's answers to questions; to instruct us in the things of God; to warn us about unseen danger; to guide us away from wrongdoing; to save our lives and to keep us away from pride

God is always speaking, but are we listening? He speaks even to political leaders and kings - on how to run their administration.

The following are some of the gifts given to help within the marketplace:

Leadership and administration: Romans 12: 3 - 8 This is used for modelling, superintending and developing human capital and systems.

Teaching: Romans 12: 3 - 8 This helps us to explain and apply truth. There is a difference between the gift of teaching and teaching as a profession. Not all teachers have the gift to teach. Hence the problems in many of our schools today.

Giving: Romans 12: 3 - 8 - This deals with the capacity to give beyond the normal expectation, supported by a willingness to do so and a high level of humility and grace without the expectation of something in return.

Word of knowledge: I Corinthians 12: This relates to supernatural revelation of the divine will and plan, insight or understanding of circumstances or a body of facts by revelation that is without assistance of any human resource. It involves moral wisdom for right living and relationship. Word of knowledge is best used in counselling, interrogation by law enforcement personnel, the medical industry, and it solves problems.

Word of wisdom: I Corinthians 12: This provides a supernatural perspective to ascertain divine means for accomplishing God's will in a given situation; divinely given power to appropriate spiritual intuition in problem-solving. It gives direction, best used in negotiation, the diplomatic, political and judicial fields forecasting accurate economic paths.

Discernment of spirits: I Corinthians 12: Provides supernatural power to detect the realm of the spirit and their activities. It reveals the plans and purposes of the enemy and his forces - plots, plans and intent. It is best used in negotiations, security, fighting terrorism, new businesses - revealing the persons' actions and intents and whether or not they should be trusted. It prevents one from being deceived in a relationship or by politicians' empty promises.

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.