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Companies to reduce energy

Published:Friday | March 13, 2015 | 12:00 AM

LOCAL COMPANIES now have the opportunity to significantly reduce the energy costs associated with operating their central air-conditioning systems with an exciting new technology.

The new technology converts constant-volume air conditioners into variable-output, inverter-type systems.

Known as Digi-RTU, it operates by constantly monitoring the cooling demand requirements of the building and varies the speed of the compressors and condenser fans in the air-conditioning unit to perfectly match output to demand throughout the operating cycle.

This modulation can result in energy savings of up to 70 per cent and is the same technology that has made the high-efficiency inverter mini-split air conditioners a popular choice for energy-conscious buyers.

Andrew Saunders, chief technical officer of Integrated Energy Solutions, the exclusive distributors of the energy solution in the Caribbean and Latin America said, "The Digi-RTU is a game-changing retrofit technology that will allow companies to add features to their standard air conditioners that are usually only available on very large, expensive, high-tech air conditioning systems."

He said, in addition to saving energy, the Digi-RTU allows for more consistent temperature and humidity to be maintained in the space being cooled, improving user comfort.

"The Digi-RTU has an integrated soft-start function that reduces wear and tear on the compressors and fans, as well as an optional diagnostic function that monitors the performance of the air conditioner and sends out alerts when things are going wrong. These features help to reduce maintenance costs and down time, as well as extend equipment life," said Saunders.