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Boston Beach gets boost

Published:Saturday | April 25, 2015 | 12:00 AM
A local youth riding the waves at Boston Beach, Portland.
A view of the Boston beach.

BOSTON, Portland:

ONE OF Portland's pristine beaches, Boston beach, which is renowned for attracting international surfers and tourists to its white-sand area and choppy seas, is undergoing major restoration.

The work, which is being undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism's self-styled funding agency, the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) is nearing 80 per cent completion, and with its new look taking shape, expectations are high among residents.

"The (beach) will, once again, become a beauty spot for many," said Tomlinson Spencer, a resident of Boston.

He added: "The building, including bathrooms and restaurants, were in a state of disrepair, but thanks to TEF, the beach and its facility is getting a much-needed facelift. I am hoping that, upon completion, local residents will not be barred from accessing the beach. Such attempts to prevent us from utilising the beach took place some years ago. We are thankful for the repairs and we will be forever grateful. With proper maintenance and management, this should become a major attraction for tourists."

The once-ravaged bathroom, shower, and changing room, which were devastated during the passage of Hurricane Gilbert in 1988, are being fully restored.

So far, five bathrooms, changing rooms, a shower area, and three gazebos are almost complete. The facility will also be retrofitted with wheelchair ramps to provide easy access to disabled persons.

Liaison officer, Julian King, pointed out that a perimeter fencing is being erected, which will form one of the many security features at the facility to prevent intruders from gaining access to the facility illegally.

"Residents will have easy and full access to this beach. The minister of tourism made a pronouncement recently that Boston residents will not be denied access. Approximately 20 persons are employed from various adjoining communities including Boston, Fairy Hill, Castle, Zion Hill, and Commodore on a rotation basis. Workmen are working tirelessly to complete the sewerage system," King told Rural Xpress.

Approximately $15 million is being spent to rehabilitate Boston Beach and its terminal building, and the duration of the project is three months.