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School tablets have adequate security, says Technology Ministry

Published:Friday | June 12, 2015 | 6:33 PM

The Technology Ministry is seeking to assure that adequate security features have been installed on tablets disbursed to schools under the Tablets in Schools Project.

There have been concerns about the security of the devices following reports that students have been bypassing security features on the gadgets.

At least one school has complained about an increase in students accessing pornographic content.

But the technology ministry says each tablet is controlled by a central Device Management Application which, among other things, blocks inappropriate content.

The app also stops the installation of unauthorised applications.

The ministry says if a student bypasses the tablet’s security features then the device can be flagged as being out of compliance and disabled.

It also says where a student is able to breach the Device Management Application, the tablet can still be disabled once it is used to access the Internet.

The technology ministry explains that any tablet not seen online for two or more weeks is flagged as a concern and the school is notified.

Meanwhile, the ministry is appealing to parents and teachers to regularly monitor how the tablets are being used and periodically review the picture and video galleries on the device.

The ministry says students can upload inappropriate content on the tablet through emails, bluetooth transfer and by inserting a memory card.

It also says it will continue public education on the Tablets In Schools Project among parents, teachers and school administrators.