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Hello Mi Neighbour: Be a cushion for your neighbour

Published:Wednesday | December 30, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Hello, mi neighbour! A few weeks ago Miss Gloria was offered material by Miss Kerr to make cushions as an income generator. This bit of news might not have made the news headline but, certainly, it was the byte of the week for Miss Gloria who has been unemployed for some time.

She has been offered an opportunity to make a living by a neighbour she never knew from Adam! But knowing someone is not a requirement for helping them.

Thanks to all those who understand the focus of this column and have been participating!

The opportunity offered to Miss Gloria could go a very far way in cushioning the economic hardship being experienced by her. She is just one of the many to receive help in this fashion, one individual hearing about the need of another and responding with a tangible solution.

Regular readers of this column will notice that the hungry are being fed, the naked being clothed, the sick being helped by neighbours who have bought into the divine command to "love thy neighbour as thyself".

To get back to my opening paragraph, there is much to be said about Miss Gloria's idea of cushion-making. While making a living, she provides comfort to others. From all angles this is a win-win situation. The person who gave her the material is happy, Miss Gloria is happy and her clients are happy!

Cushion-making has been around for donkey years as a livelihood for many and a means of improving the 'livity' of others.

A cushion is defined as a soft bag of some ornamental material, stuffed with wool, hair, feathers, polyester staple fibre, non-woven material, or even paper torn into fragments. It may be used for sitting or kneeling on, etc.

From that short lesson on cushions we understand that cushions are important to our comfort. In many churches these days, hard benches are being padded to add comfort to the worship experience. The list could go on and on. You would hardly visit a home in Jamaica where there are no cushions, even if it's merely for decoration. So, what's my point? Many persons have fallen on hard times and can do very little to relieve the hardship. What they need are cushions which come in various forms. You know something? It doesn't take much to offer some sort of cushioning or become a cushion for someone else.

So here is the question: What can you offer? Someone needs a prayer; someone else needs a comforting word. A neighbour may need a pound of rice or a pound of flour, etc. These are just cushions. Can you help someone find a cushion? As you respond to this appeal, be guided by this, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all ... and thy neighbour as thyself.

Please see list of some persons who are in need of some form of cushioning.


Thanks to neighbours


1. Karyll, Kingston, for offering a pair of women's shoes to Lonipha, Manchester.

2. Miss Kerr, St Andrew, for offering material to Miss Gloria to make cushions for a living.

3. Toya, for offering a television to her neighbour.

4. Lorna, for offering special gifts to her neighbour.

5. Thanks in advance to all who will call today to help their neighbours.

6. Yvonne, for offering a queen-size mattress to a neighbour.

7. Mrs Lewis, for offering a refrigerator to her neighbour.



Opportunities to help


- Single mother - Son is sick with eye and ear. Has no money to take him to the specialist; asking for financial assistance.

- Neighbour - Victimised and abused wife and mother who never thought she would end up in this situation is trying to relocate; needs furniture.

- Andrea, Clarendon - Single, unemployed mother asking neighbours for a gas stove and grocery.

- Neighbour - Asking neighbours for a chest-of-drawers.

Novlette - Asking neighbours for a stove.

- Sandra, St James - Lost sewing machine in fire, asking for another in order to make a living.


To help, please call 334-8165, 884-3866, 299-3412 or deposit to acct # 351 044 276 NCB. (Bank routing #: JNCBJMKX) or send donations to Hello Neighbour C/o 53 Half-Way Tree Road, Kingston 10; email helloneighbour@yahoo.com