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Keeping it Real with Zeco Brown

Published:Saturday | January 9, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Zeco Brown
Zeco Brown with a member of his support team, Roxanne Crawford.

Mandeville, Manchester:

Like many young Christians, Zeco Brown was led into watery baptism, not first because of a great conviction from Jesus Christ, but because his mother saw it fit to have him dedicate his life to the Creator at the age of nine.

Was this the wisest decision, did it assist in his development as a young Christian or did it cause him to wander and be led astray by the ways of the ever-changing world?

"My mother did this best thing for me because going through high school, I experienced many things that were not of Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, I always remembered that I made a commitment to God when I was young, and I also remembered that I was now a kingdom citizen and a soldier for Jesus," said Brown.

"The Christian journey has been great although I have had many problems and done many things I wish I did not. The fact that Jesus died on the cross has given me hope. It does not matter what you have done or what you are currently doing, Jesus has already died for that sin. I tell young people all the time: Jesus has your back, you are never alone. I know this because, He has never left me."

After 17 years as a member of the Seventh-day Adventist faith, Brown explained that the stronger the devil thinks you are, the more he will use those closest to you as a distraction. But God is able.

"Sometimes people in the church, family members, and close friends can make this Christian journey difficult. In my last job, where I was a sales manager for a media house, I would often tell my co-workers that the arm of flesh will fail you. In all you do, trust God and you will survive as a Christian. If you do the reverse, you will fail."

Personally, being a slave to sin on several occasions, Brown reminds readers that the moments of failure are not as important as the moments of triumph.

"I have committed many sins since being a Christian. I have fallen over and over again and the hardest thing has been to overcome sin. The truth is many of us are fornicating, being hypocrites, serving idols (cars, children, house) all at the same time. I know, I have experienced that, but the truth is, I was born in sin and shaped iniquity. I have broken most of the God's laws. I have been struggling and I am still fighting this battle for life."


strength from God

Leaning totally on God for strength and the will power to do right by Him, Brown said there are persons God has placed in his life to see him through.

"God is my greatest motivation. He keeps me on that straight and narrow road to Heaven, but I have to give credit to my fiancÈe, Roxanne Crawford, and my mother, Wanda Wellington - my human support. I have church brothers and friends who also play a major part in my support system, but as Christians, Jesus should be our priority as it regards support because your husband or wife will fail you, family will fail you, friends will fail, but Jesus never fails."

Prioritising the things of Heaven and not of this earth, the young evangelist is hoping that he will be able to populate heaven the time he is gifted with on earth.

"I have been serving in the church from the day I was baptised. I have served as a singer, choir director, and currently an evangelist for Jesus. My dream is to become the president of one of the top universities in Jamaica, where I believe, I can fully express the love God has given me in a way that will change the life of young people."