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Engineering company ranks Flow top for frequency and quality

Published:Tuesday | February 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Following a series of benchmarking tests conducted by an international team of independent experts, Flow Jamaica has emerged the clear winner.

Flow Jamaica outranks the competition in three out of four benchmark tests and has earned a comparative rating on the fourth.

Flow Jamaica received the nod of the experts who listed Flow as tops with superior radio frequency quality, 3G throughput, as well as higher 3G retention.

Of more than 26,000 samples per provider, 99 per cent of the Flow Jamaica samples remained on the 3G instead of 2G, while the competition reselects up to 2.4 more times from 3G to 2G. Flow also leads the way on the amount of locations with excellent speed.

speeds above 3Mbps

To the average mobile subscriber, this means the end user is more likely to enjoy speeds above 3Mbps with Flow Jamaica than with the other mobile provider.

The results were revealed by MSI Americas, a highly regarded, independent team of international network analysts who conducted an extensive and comprehensive benchmarking and drive test of the two local networks. MSI Americas ranks Flow Jamaica as the faster, stronger and more reliable network on the island.

"These results underscore the phenomenal amount of work that our technical team has put in to ensure our network can stand up to scrutiny," said Garry Sinclair, managing director, Flow Jamaica. Sinclair, who had glowing remarks for his team added, "While we have invested heavily in our network, we must pay tribute to the tremendous sacrifices our team continues to make to ensure our customers receive superior service."