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The Turners' endless love

Published:Saturday | February 20, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanique Samuels
The Turners show love on their wedding day.
Vichell and Garinna Turner on their wedding day.

MAY PEN, Clarendon:

There will be no end to Garrina and Vichell Turner's love story as the young couple, who are 357 days into their marriage, keep falling in love with each other each passing day. They decided to tie the knot and jump the broom three years and three months after they started dating. Garrina says she was tricked into love by Vichell, but she has no regrets.

"Vichell and I grew up in the community of Sheckles in Clarendon and we went to the same basic and high schools. Throughout our late teen years, our paths crossed now and then, and we merely exchanged greetings. Vichell used to attend a church nearby the community and, one day, he passed by my house and extended an invitation to me to attend church with him the next time he was going. He asked for my phone number and promised he would've called me when he was about to get ready. I complied and, lo and behold, I never got a call. Years flew by, until one day I got a text message from a supposed 'secret admirer'," she told Family and Religion, as she explained how it all began.


Garrina said she found out who it was eventually, and it was chemistry ever since.

"Since the day we started our relationship, Vichell told me that he would marry me. He didn't ask, he told me. Two years and some months passed and we decided to make our engagement official on August 21, 2014."

"Marriage, so far, has been wonderful. it has its mountains and valleys, but the good times override the bad times. You just have to be willing to forgive, compromise, and just enjoy each other," said an obviously happy Mrs Clarke Turner.

Vichell said, "Garrina is one of the most amazing persons on earth. she has entered my life and redecorated it." he described her as reliable, gorgeous, and a naturalist.

Garrina characterised Vichell as a very supportive person. "As long as he knows you want to get something done, he will give you all the support you want. When you have someone who makes you cry, smile, laugh, and makes your heart skips beats, it's an awesome feeling."

From the onset, this couple realised they needed to understand a few things in order to make their marriage work. "If you are not sure if you want to travel the path of marriage, here are two pieces of advice: First, ask yourself if you would spend the rest of your life with that person and then assess the qualities of your partner (to be). Look at all the good qualities the person has and determine if these qualities are what you are looking for in a person who you would wish to marry."

Vichell added: "If these qualities are not good enough for you to marry the person, then find the person that fits, and say 'I do'. and when you do find that person (who won't be perfect), cherish them."

They both agreed that couples should go on dates and make every day a 'lover's day'. Plan, play, and pray together. "In every good thing, God has to be the centre and a relationship is no different. so in order to keep a marriage going, put God first and everything will come after. As a married couple, we do everything together - pray, go to church, etc."

"Marriage is a good thing. It is ordained by God, so trust Him because He's the only one who can make it work, along with your love for each other. You have to work at it to keep it alive. Commitment to one person keeps you close, and having your own companion is the best."