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Peter Phillips, PNP accused of lack of transparency by Greg Christie

Published:Tuesday | April 5, 2016 | 8:19 AM
In a series of tweets, Christie said according to all major local and international corruption surveys, a lack of transparency was a key feature of the former People's National Party government.

Former Contractor General Greg Christie last night used Twitter to address comments made by Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Dr Peter Phillips yesterday which suggested that the government's lack of transparency is having a crippling effect on public confidence. 

Phillips was speaking at a PNP  press conference where he stressed that as a government minister, Finance Minister Audley Shaw must be circumspect in language and transparent and accurate in action.

Phillips was referring to Shaw's announcement last week that he was not aware funds which were being eyed for the promised income tax threshold had been diverted into the Consolidated Fund to finance other public expenditures.

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But, verbatim reports from Hansard of Parliament indicated that Shaw was informed late last year by Phillips during a sitting of the House of Representatives.

In a series of tweets, Christie said according to all major local and international corruption surveys, a lack of transparency was a key feature of the former People's National Party government. 

Christie referred to a Gallop Poll, released on September 19 last year which ranked the PNP Government as the seventh most corrupt in the world, among countries with a free press.

The former Contractor General also referred to another Gallop study which he said was published two years ago in which eighty six per cent of respondents said they believed corruption was common throughout the Jamaican government.