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Regulations for medical marijuana expected today

Published:Wednesday | May 4, 2016 | 9:42 AM
A woman smokes marijuana during the annual 4/20 marijuana gathering at Civic Center Park in downtown Denver on April 20.

Industry and Commerce Minister Karl Samuda says the regulations to govern the production of medicinal marijuana in Jamaica should be ready today.

This means the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) set up by the previous administration is one step closer to having formal rules for the issuing of ganja licences.

However, the regulations will have to go to Parliament for approval.

Samuda says after the regulations are approved, it will start processing applications for ganja licences

He says the Licensing Authority  has already received over 60 applications for ganja licences.

However, even with the high levels of interest, Samuda said there are some challenges facing the process.


Industry Minister Karl Samuda

The new regulations will make special provisions for small farmers, cooperatives, and small-scale processors to participate in the industry with distinct requirements and licensing fee structures put in place.