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#PNPelections: Portia reigns as president, Lisa Hanna loses VP bid

Published:Saturday | September 17, 2016 | 6:14 PM
PNP president Portia Simpson Miller and her vice president (from top) Dr Wykeham McNeill, Noel Arscott, Dr Fenton Ferguson and Dr Angella Brown-Burke

Portia Simpson Miller has been returned as president of the People's National Party (PNP) following a landslide victory over her challenger, Dr Karl Blythe.

The official results which were announced a short while ago, after five hours of voting on day one of the PNP's two-day 78th annual conference at the National Arena in Kingston.

In the vice-presidential race, Lisa Hanna failed in her bid to get into the top tier leadership of the party.

The victorious candidates were incumbents: Dr Fenton Ferguson, Noel Arscott and Dr Angella Brown Burke and newcomer Dr Wykeham McNeill.

Presidential results:
Portia Simpson Miller - 2,471
Karl Blythe - 198

Vice-presidential results:
Fenton Ferguson - 2,479
Wykeham McNeill - 2,395
Noel Arscott - 2,207
Angella Brown-Burke - 2,009
Lisa Hanna - 1,570