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St Thomas councillors devaluing local government - political commentator

Published:Friday | December 9, 2016 | 5:33 AM

Political commentator, Kevin O'Brien Chang says yesterday’s events at the St Thomas Municipal Corporation further serve to devalue local government in the eyes of Jamaicans.

Yesterday, the People's National Party (PNP) councillors boycotted the swearing-in of the mayor and councillors because of an outstanding court action against Dean Jones, the Yallahs councillor whose election the PNP argues is invalid since he does not live in the parish.

In the absence of the PNP councillors, the mayor Lenworth Rawle, appointed the JLP's Port Morant councillor, Michael Hue as his deputy.

With a five-five tie in the St Thomas municipal corporation, under convention, the mayor should be named from the party with the most overall votes in the parish and his deputy should be selected from the other party.

Chang. has described the swearing-in of a deputy mayor by the JLP members as childish and petty.

He further argues that the fact that the local government minister has had to intervene will lead people to continue to disregard local government.


Political commentator, Kevin Obrien Chang

Chang also says both sides are playing games and acting immaturely.