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80 JDF recruits sick with flu-like symptoms, one in ICU

Published:Tuesday | December 20, 2016 | 12:20 PM

Jerome Reynolds, Acting Assistant News Editor – Radio

The Health Ministry is reporting that some 80 Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) recruits have fallen ill from an influenza-type viral respiratory infection.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr Winston De La Haye, says one of the recruits is now in intensive care, six admitted to medical wards at hospital, 17 in the emergency room and 57 isolated at JDF facilities.

Dr De La Haye says it is believed the recruits contracted the virus while at JDF training facilities in New Castle and or Twickenham Park between last month and this month.

The Chief Medical Officer says tests are still being conducted to determine the cause of the infections and results are expected shortly.


Chief Medical Officer, Dr Winston De La Haye

He says the infected persons are expected to make a full recovery.

Dr De La Haye says the Health Ministry has since vaccinated more than 300 personnel at the JDF and has recommended to the army that it also vaccinate future recruits.

He says the spread of the virus appears to be contained as there have been no new infections in the past 72 hours.

Dr De La Haye says a Health Ministry team is to visit the JDF today as it continues to monitor the situation.