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Party promoters to produce receipt for pork, mutton and beef at events, or risk prosecution

Published:Wednesday | December 21, 2016 | 9:30 AM

Amid the expected increase in parties and street dances over the Christmas season, the police have advised that promoters of events where goat, pig and cattle meats will be sold must produce a valid receipt for the meat to be used.

The advisory comes amid what the police say has been a spike in the larceny of goats and pigs across the island over the past two weeks.

The Police say they will be visiting events to enquire about the source of meats being sold. 

They say party promoters and event organisers are expected to adhere to the advisory as those who fail to meet the requirement of the law will be prosecuted. 

Meanwhile, members of the public are being urged to be careful when purchasing meats.

The police say in most instances the meats of those stolen animals are stored in unsanitary conditions.

They say a number of the animals stolen are either pregnant or being treated for various illnesses and are not fit for public consumption.

The police say meats should only be purchased from registered meat distribution outlets where the facilities are regularly inspected and meet required standards.

Meanwhile, the police are seeking two men they say ran from the scene where seven goat carcasses were found on a bathroom floor in St Elizabeth, yesterday.

They are Nicholas Lawrence of Lilliput, St James, and Rudyan Foster, of Williams Field and Institution Drive, Santa Cruz in St Elizabeth.

The St Elizabeth Police are asking the two men to turn themselves in to the nearest Police Station.