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Shanneika Pearce talks about the healing hand of God

Published:Saturday | March 18, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Shanneika Peart
Shanneika Peart

Shanneika Pearce has been a faithful woman of God for the better part of her 25 years. She speaks highly of God's grace and testifies profusely of His many miracles.

But though she has always remained confident in her Creator's healing abilities, she has longed for a testimony of her own.That came a little over a week ago.

"Last month, I got shortness of breath and had to be nebulised, though I don't have asthma. I went to work the following day and the feeling attacked me again. This time, I was rushed to the emergency room. After tests were done, I was diagnosed with a lung disease called pulmonary oedema," she said, adding that she was given four different types of medication as treatment.

Pearce explained that in the midst of this, she was preparing for a week of worship, word and a one-day convention.

According to her: "I had made up my mind that before that week ended, I must get my healing. The meeting was in another community, so I relocated for the week just to ensure I didn't miss any of the services."

With faith like Daniel, Pearce told Family & Religion that she challenged God on the first meeting night.

"I said to Him, 'I've heard about healing; now this is your time to prove it to me. Give me my own testimony. Not only will I be able to tell people that He's a healer, but I will be able to say He's my healer, my miracle worker'."

She said the following night she was touched on her forehead by the preacher who alluded to her purpose.

"Right there, I was convinced that this was the night I was going to grab my healing. It was already there for me to take.




"The service was closing off when the spirit of God started to manifest and the glory of God visited the temple. Hands were laid on me that night about four times. Once, I felt a burning in my chest and my shortness of breath became obvious. At first I felt ashamed, but then I heard a sweet voice say, 'I'm fixing you'.

"I also saw the hand of a lady lifting from my chest, and as it slowly faded, my breathing was returned to normal. I felt good, awesomely good," she said.

Two days passed and it was time for Pearce's medical review, a check to see if the medications were working.

"Did I mention I wasn't taking them? I tried the cough medicine, but stopped because it wasn't working. I also tried using the inhaler once or twice. When I went to the review and was checked, the doctor kept saying 'hmm' or 'what?'.

"She called another doctor in the room and showed her the results, but they weren't figuring it out. After the other doctor left, she said, 'Ms Pearce, I think something isn't right with the results'.

"I started laughing. Then she asked, 'What have you been taking along with the medications?' I smiled and said the blood of Jesus."

A grateful Pearce told Family & Religion that she lives by her philosophy 'All things work together for good for them that love the Lord'.

According to her: "If you love God, you have no need to worry about the battles that come along They're only for His glory and I'm preserved to show forth His glory!"