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Kingston 'hero' saves inner city boy from flooded gully

Published:Sunday | September 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Tremayne Brown (left) with Renaldo Reynolds recount Friday's dramatic rescue from the flooded gully they now overlook - Ricardo Makyn photo

The inner cities communities of Arnett Gardens and Trench Town in Kingston are hailing 24-year-old Tremayne Brown as a hero after he rescued a 12-year-old boy who was swept away by flood waters in the community on Friday.

Renaldo Reynolds and his friends were playing in the gully in the vicinity of Seventh Street while on their way home from school when water with strong currents came rushing down.

Reynolds got into difficulty and was soon after swept away.

Brown, who six months ago was deported from England, was working some metres down the road at the Boy's Town Community Centre, when he heard residents raising an alarm.

On learning that a child was being washed away in the gully, Brown said he immediately jumped in and held on to the child. 

He suffered several cuts and bruises as the current pushed them towards the May Pen Cemetery where Brown was able to hang on to a tree, little Reynaldo still clutched in his arms.

Brown said as he shouted and waited for help, at times he felt like giving up.

"The little boy started praying, and I just held on to him until they (residents) came," said Brown, adding that the prayers gave him the strength to hold on.

On Sunday morning as Reynaldo, with his Bible in hand, headed for church, he would meet up with Brown for the first time since the rescue.

Brown, who was on his way from the barber would get more praises for his heroic act.

Reynaldo's mother, Kereen Duggon, was also thankful.

"Mi would say that man is next to God," Duggon said of Brown.

Dramatic footage of Brown and Reynaldo being washed away have gone viral on social media.

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