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Growth & Jobs | Cosmetologists blamed for lack of growth in haircare profession

Published:Tuesday | October 10, 2017 | 12:31 AMJodi-Ann Gilpin

The lack of professionals who focus on hair care, is a major gap that renowned hair loss specialist and cosmetologist Monica Shakespeare, has identified in the industry, and a contributor to its failure to record significant growth.

She said too many persons are focused on “just doing styles”.

The 64-year-old who has been operating the Monique’s Beauty Home in Kingston since 1979, said there is huge potential for productivity in the industry but indicated that the emergence of amateurs on Youtube has also pushed clients away from beauty parlours.

“I blame the hairdresser. The clients don’t know, that’s why they come (to us). If you are a professional, you ought to be able to tell them what they are doing wrong. You can’t go to the doctor and tell them  to give you an aspirin or tell them what to do,” she said.

“Cosmetologists don’t even have products in their shops. Why are you sending you clients on the streets? They don’t know what to buy. A lot of clients are also watching the girls on Youtube, who, some of them are not professionals.  Some are creative but they are created to do styles and not to take care of the hair so that is one of the major problems that is causing the market to go down," she explained. 

Shakespeare added, “A lot of the young professionals are just into styles, they are not into hair care. They don’t care what you do with you hair, they don’t care what you use in the hair, it’s just about hairstyles. The clients have to choose carefully but the professionals are very few." 


From one dryer and one chair to businesses in Jamaica US

Hair care specialist Monica Shakespeare says that she is not perturbed by competition as she has been able to create and sustain her niche market by making quality and professionalism her hallmark. Owning a hair care business in the United States too, has given her numerous platforms to be exposed to a variety of beauty strategies.

“I started to buy my one dryer, buy a one chair and that’s how Monique’s Beauty Home came about. This business has been at this location for many years, everyone who was trained through me has their own business now. Some are here, (Jamaica) some are in the States, (America) some are in England,” she said.

Monica, through cosmetology, has employed up to 30 persons since she started the business, always seeking to expand her knowledge in this industry as well.

“I am always learning. Anywhere the shows are, anywhere there are teaching sessions  - deh, mi gone.”

The St James born professional, advised young people to keep focused and take advantage of the opportunities that are available in the industry.

“Everything is here. Our soil has produced some much natural things that have done wonders in terms of remedies.”