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Lover's Leap reopens this week

Published:Wednesday | January 24, 2018 | 12:00 AMPaul H. Williams/Gleaner Writer
Jason Henzell, chairman of Jakes Treasure Beach.

On Saturday, January 27, the St Elizabeth attraction Lover's Leap reopens its gates to the public after a short period of operational transition.

Under the new management by Jakes Treasure Beach, another popular south St Elizabeth destination, the storied spot has been upgraded and new features added for a more satisfying experience. There is a new entrance, a new restaurant, and a new bar, and the veranda has been covered.

Jakes has been in charge of Lover's Leap since November 1 last year after it signed a 10-year lease agreement with the Government in October via the Tourism Product Development Company to manage the hilltop property that has a 300-year-old lighthouse, one of the highest-elevation lighthouses in the Caribbean.

Before this agreement, Lover's Leap was one of the attractions that Jakes' guests would ride or drive to, so why the new lease to operate the property?

"I have always thought that this property was beautiful, but that its potential had not been realised, and that the people of St Elizabeth deserved better," Chairman Jason Henzell of Jakes told The Gleaner.


Its legend


The legend of Lover's Leap is one that is steeped in romance and awe, pulling people from all over the world with its narrative of forbidden love, daring, and resistance.

The story is that of a love affair of two enslaved people, each belonging to a different master. They were forbidden to see other, but they could not be separated.

When they were pursued, and found themselves at the edge of the cliff that drops about 1,700 feet, way down to the beach, they dared to jump over instead of yielding to the demands of their masters. It was a leap of 'fate' right into the annals of Jamaican folklore, and thus the lure of the place.

From the location, there are mesmerising views of the azure Caribbean Sea and the blazing sunset. It is hoped that the improved facilities will

pull more people to this idyllic gem atop the Santa Cruz Mountains.