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New Fortress Energy donates $4.5 million to youth development

Published:Monday | October 29, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Seventh-grade students at Kingston Technical High School, Shantana Shand and Romeiko Senior, take Verona Carter, vice-president of public affairs at New Fortress Energy, through some of the topics they’ve covered with RISE Life. Carter visited the school recently after her company made a donation of more than J$4.5 million to help RISE Life Management Services meet its requirement in order to secure grant funding from the European Union to implement a national social intervention programme for children at risk.

New Fortress Energy (NFE), a global energy infra-structure company that supports youth development and education in Jamaica, has donated more than J$4.5 million to RISE Life Management Services to boost a critical youth and community social programme in downtown Kingston.

With this support, RISE Life has met an important funding requirement of its application to the European Union for grant funding, enabling them access to more than US$700,000. These funds will be used to implement an islandwide education, prevention and treatment programme around serious social issues facing youth, including child abuse, which leads to depression, suicide, school dropout and delinquency.

"We cannot thank New Fortress Energy enough for answering our cry for help in such a big way. As part of our application to the European Union, we are required to provide 10 per cent of the overall funding which will be used to implement the Finding My Voice national programme, and we thank NFE for this well-needed donation," said Sonita Morin Abrahams, executive director of RISE LifeManagement Services.

Morin Abrahams continued, "Over the last six years, approximately 44,782 reports of child abuse were made to the Office of the Children's Registry, of which more than 380 were for sexual abuse. This national programme was therefore developed to educate children on what is appropriate and accepted behaviour versus those that are not, to provide treatment for at-risk boys and girls who have suffered abuse, and to empower them to speak up about abuses or attempted abuses."




Meanwhile, Verona Carter, vice-president of public affairs for New Fortress Energy, was able to visit the RISE Life Centre and the Kingston Technical High School in downtown Kingston to witness first-hand parts of the programme being administered and delivered a brief encouragement to the students.

Speaking of the donation, she said; "New Fortress Energy is proud to support RISE Life on this very important social campaign by providing the seed funding to pave the way for RISE to secure this well-needed grant from the European Union. With our focus on preparing the next generation of Jamaicans for success in the global workforce, we understand how valuable programmes like this are for youth in our communities."

"We commend RISE Life on the amazing job they're doing in schools and communities in downtown Kingston, and across the country in general, to ensure that these boys and girls get the chance to learn, grow and develop in an environment that will help them reach their fullest potential - which is a right that every child deserves."