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#JLPConference| Labourites urge leader against calling early elections

Published:Sunday | November 18, 2018 | 2:32 PM
Leader of the Jamaica Labour Party Andrew Holness and his wife, Juliet Holness, arrive at the National Arena in Kingston a short while ago for the party's 75th confeence now under way.
Jamaica Labour Party supporters inside the National Arena in Kingston.

Romario Scott, Gleaner Writer

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters are strongly urging party leader, Andrew Holness, not to call early general election. 
Speaking with The Gleaner at the National Arena in Kingston where Labourites have gathered for the staging of their 75th annual conference, the supporters contended that while the party has bagged several key achievements, most noticeably the 1.5 million tax threshold shift, the Jamaican people had much higher expectations.
“Listen me now, the Labour Party [administration] going on good. But, some place the prosperity just reach. And I would say to Mister Holness that he should not call the election until most places get most of the prosperity,” JLP supporter Mark Tomlin, said. 
“You have to consider that people in Hanover, people in St [Elizabeth], people in those place have high expectation and them waiting to see what they going to get … so no, no election yet. Serve out the full term,” he further said. 
The president of the JLP’s youth arm Young Jamaica, also opined that no early general election should be called, even though insisting that the administration has enough to sell to the voting public for a second term.
President of Young Jamaica Howard Chamberlain told The Gleaner that Prime Minister Andrew Holness should complete his mandate before seeking a second term. 
“This is certainly one of the best government in my lifetime. All economic and social indicators are up, people have the greatest confidence and trust in the government, and are excited for the future of the outlook of our country. 
“Times could not be any better right now, our prime minister should complete the mandate given to him by people, there is no rush as the country believes he is going in the right direction,” Chamberlain said. 
He was supported by re-elected president of Generation 2000, Stephen Edwards, who also said he wanted the administration to go the full term. 
“People are saying everything is aligned for an election win for the JLP, so it would be politically expedient,” Edwards said. 
However, he doesn’t feel the administration is likely to consider calling early elections. 
“If so much can be accomplished for Jamaica in two years, imagine what can be done in five,” he said.