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Phillips urges Integrity Commission to release his statutory declarations

Published:Monday | July 15, 2019 | 9:59 AM
People's National Party President and Opposition Leader, Dr Peter Phillips - File photo

President of the People’s National Party (PNP), Dr Peter Phillips, is calling for the Integrity Commission to release to the public the summary of his statutory declarations in the interest of openness and good governance.

“I believe that it is important that we demonstrate to the country that the architecture of integrity works and that the country can have good governance and clean government,” Phillips declared.

“ I am authorising, in fact, they don’t need by authority, but I am urging the Integrity Commission to publish the summary of my integrity reports, as they are required to do by law, so that there can be no doubt that I have no objection whatever to the publication of my integrity reports,” he said.

The declaration from Phillips came after anti-corruption watchdog organisation National Integrity Action (NIA) expressed dissatisfied with the recently tabled Integrity Report arguing that the lack of information on the financial status of parliamentarians, which the group said could give rise to unnecessary speculation.

It was revealed that financial investigation cases have been opened against two Members of Parliament in relation to their statutory declarations.

The subjects of the probes were not revealed.

The report noted that the majority of the statutory declarations for the year 2018 were submitted during the month of March 2019.

Thirty-six statutory declarations were examined, of which only eight did not necessitate any additional queries.

The report also noted that two probes were opened regarding MPs.

“Clearance of statutory declarations of MPs and public officials is not an administrative issue but is an essential requirement to ensure that their income and assets are legitimately acquired and not the result of ‘illicit enrichment’,” said NIA executive director Professor Trevor Munroe.

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“Transparency demands that the public be told who are the two MPs in relation to whom new investigations have been opened concerning possible statutory declaration offences and illicit enrichment,” stated Munroe.

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