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United Way of Jamaica Nation Builders honours 2013 contributors

Published:Sunday | September 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Ian Forbes, managing director, Sherwin Williams WI Limited, admires his Platinum Award.
Dr Marcia Forbes (left) receives the individual Gold Award for her contribution to the United Way and is all smiles with Lady Rheima Hall.
Kelly Tomblin, CEO, Jamaica Public Service Company Limited, collects her award from Ian Forbes, chairman, United Way of Jamaica.
Ruthven Ottey (left), of Gore Developments, accepts his company's Jupiter Award from Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce Anthony Hylton.
Keri-Gaye Brown, senior VP, group legal compliance, and corporate secretary at VMBS, collects her company's award from Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce Anthony Hylton.
Marcus Steele (left), managing director, Carreras Limited, accepting the award for the Highest Corporate Donor from Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce Anthony Hylton.
Dr Robert Chen, highest individual donor, with his awards.

Alessandro Boyd, Staff Reporter

As a result of combined contributions from donors and the support from its volunteers islandwide, the United Way of Jamaica was able to raise $103 million in its 2013 campaign year.

This was announced by Ian Forbes, chairman of the organisation, at their 29th National Builders Awards Ceremony at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel on September 11.

The ceremony honoured 16 corporate companies, 32 individual donors, and 63 organisations whose employers supported the work of the voluntary sector through salary deductions.

  • Carreras Limited

United Way's highest corporate donor, Carreras Limited, has been a consistent donor since 2006. Carreras has made contributions to education and community development and has impacted the lives of thousands in our society.

  • Dr Robert Chen

Renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr Robert Chen has been a personal donor with the United Way of Jamaica since the early 1990s. Dr Chen was recognised as the highest individual donor for 2013 at this year's awards ceremony. He has a passion for advanced education and has assisted several students to attain tertiary-level education.

  • Gore Developments Ltd

Has been giving at the Nation Builder level since 2005 to support education and sports development programmes.

  • Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS)

VMBS has been a nation builder since the inception of United Way of Jamaica, investing in education through scholarship assistance and providing support to small business development.

  • Sherwin Williams WI Limited

Sherwin Williams WI Limited has assisted in making communities more beautiful through their investment in sports and community development programmes. Sherwin Williams is another pioneer donor in support of the work of the United Way of Jamaica.

  • Alcoa Foundation/Jamalco

Has been a major partner with the United Way of Jamaica. One of the Jupiter Award recipients, they have invested in early-childhood education, career enhancement, entrepreneurship, and community development programmes.

  • Jamaica Public Service

A partner of the United Way of Jamaica for several years. They have assisted through several methods and initiatives throughout the years. One such example is after Hurricane Ivan when they assisted the fishermen at Old Harbour who were affected by the storm. They were presented with the Gold Award.

  • Dr Marcia Forbes

Dr Marcia Forbes has shown her commitment to the United Way of Jamaica for several years through her voluntary services and financial contributions. She has also worked continuously on the board of the organisation for more than a decade.

Photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer