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A Night for the Koreans

Published:Sunday | October 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A hearty laugh between (from left) Charles and Lisa Johnston, Ingrid Rex, and Mariza Lozano. Chargé d'affaires Jong-Seon Lim and wife, Gyeong Seo.
A hearty laugh between (from left) Charles and Lisa Johnston, Ingrid Rex, and Mariza Lozano.
South African High Commissioner Mathu Joyini gets a warm reception from Chargé d'affaires Jong-seon Lim and wife, Gyeong Seo.
From left: German Ambassador Joachim Schmillen (left) and his wife, Maria Cecilia Toledo, converses with chargé d'affaires of the Korean Embassy, Jong-seon Lim, and wife, Gyeong Seo.
From left: Resident coordinator of the United Nations Development Programme, Arun Kashyap; Gary Rex, and Argentine Ambassador Ariel Fernandez, in conversation.
Attorney-at-law Tamara Dickens striking the right fashion note in this polka dot number as she joined the Koreans in celebrating their National Day.
Volunteers from the International Youth Foundation (from left) daJeong Kwon, Gayoung Yu and Myunghun Cho, dressed in hanbok.

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Reporter

Talk of the Town at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel was transformed into a Korean expedition that showcased their rich culture in celebration of their Foundation Day on October 10.

Their foundation date, which actually falls on October 3, is in commemoration of the history of Korea, which began with Gojoseon in 2333 BC.

Upon arrival, guests were greeted by the chargé d'affaires of the Korean Embassy - Jong-Seon Lim and his wife, Gyeong Seo, who was dressed in traditional Korean hanbok, and Third Secretary Seong Hoon Kim. There were also a few Korean volunteers from the International Youth Foundation that were present at the event, also dressed in beautiful hanbok.

Before the formalities, the meeting and greeting continued among diplomats whose relationships have long changed from that of mere business acquaintances to friends with a common bond.

The formalities began with the Korean students singing both national anthems, before Lim spoke on the development of Korea from 2333 BC.

He also spoke about
his love for the country that he has lived in for just over a month. He
spoke of the places he has already been able to see and visit, and the
Blue Mountain Coffee that he and his countrymen love. Lim also spoke of
the influence that Jamaica has had on Korean music, and the support
Korean artistes like Psy have received from Jamaica. He was grateful for
the support that the countries have showed and continue to show each
other over the years.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and
Trade A.J. Nicholson expressed sentiments that mirrored those of Lim.
After the toast to both countries, guests got to enjoy fine Korean
cuisine and enjoy the rest of the night, with the event being the 'talk
of the town'.

Photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer