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A touch of Art with Peter Peart

Published:Sunday | January 17, 2016 | 12:00 AMCathy Risden
Peter Peart holds up one of his favourite paintings.

Peter Peart said he was born to paint. The man behind 'Touch of Art', realised his dreams while he was in primary school. Today, he enjoys his passion of bringing things to life through the strokes of his brush.

Peart tells Outlook he realised his love for art while attending Alexander Primary. He then went on to Buckner High School where he excelled in art class. The third of 10 children, he remembers at age 10, telling one of his six brothers that he was going to be an artist.

Soon after Peart graduated from high school, he got a job as an artist at 'Lesley Art and Fine' where he designed and painted billboards. He also painted on T-shirts and denim pants. Eight months after, he ventured on his own and started painting landscape.

With this independence, Peart said his skills were developed when he noticed he was able to paint water, trees and other technical objects, which he once found challenging.

He used the opportunity to improve his skills and the quality of his work, which led him to join the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts to be certified in the area in 1989 - specialising in landscaping and figure studies (portraits).

"You know, when you go Edna Manley, they don't teach you how to paint. They just say paint this, paint that. They don't show you what tools or colours to use. I had the ability to paint already, so it was not a problem for me. They teach the history of art, but not how to paint a tree or water. I even helped other students," Peart explained.


Over the years, he has developed his own style with motivation from the late Anthony Wilson former artistic director of Edna Manley College for his well-rounded landscape artistic skills, Barrington Watson for his painting of figures, and Richard Hall for his use of colours.

Peart specialises in portrait, landscaping, sketching, 3D dimension art, abstract, and tie-dye. His talents goes beyond the canvas. He paints on light switch covers, fridge magnets, personalised art on tiles, and a little bit of ceramic faces, mask jars and he also does logos and personalised items.

Peart said that art is all around us and everything becomes a subject matter to him. He recalled his first professional piece of a river scene in Castleton Garden, St Mary, which was placed in an art gallery.

"Jamaica is very beautiful. We have so many subject matters - we can never run out of it. So if I go out on the road and I see a little old lady walking and she looks 'artsy' I just take a photo of her and go home and do a painting. Same as if I see a man pushing a handcart with some produce or something - I take a photo and go and paint it too," Peart shared.

He sad, for him, painting is therapeutic, and when he is feeling down and out, painting makes him forget about everything. "When I paint, I don't feel the need to worry about anything, I just paint. It's like I am in a different world from all that is going on around me," he confessed.

Depending on his mood and the subject, it may take hours, days, weeks, or months to complete a piece. "Sometimes, when I am painting, I don't get the vibes and I just stop and start something else," Peart explained.

Peart makes gift items he calls his fountain of art which includes coasters and light switch covers for various companies. He said that he does a lot of local and overseas shows were he showcases his art which is well received. Though he works alone, when he gets a large order (for example 300 tiles), he would have his nephew and a student at Edna Manley help with the finishing touches. He also paints company logos.

For a touch of art of your favourite scenery in Jamaica contact Peter Peart, artist of Touch of Art located at 19 Willow Way Barbican Terrence.

Contact: (876) 789- 3067


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