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Inspiring love for your hair and skin with HSL

Published:Sunday | March 19, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

When it comes to skincare and other beauty tips, many of us take to social media to see pictures of our favourite 'instabloggers' - mostly international - but now we have our own go to with - Hair Skin Love Jamaica.

This group is comprised of two self-taught young women - Joni Williams and Georgina Johnson-Jones - who saw the need for a proper consultancy outlet for women of colour with natural hair. Seeing all the malpractice with hair being fried with flat irons and scalp damage with over processing, Williams and Johnson-Jones decided that they would help Jamaican women.

They provide full skin and hair consultations to customers who contact them through their social media pages. They either meet their clients at a convenient location or the clients visit them in Barbican. They also provide cuts, trims for damaged hair, as well as treatment for transitioners. They also provide recommendations for skin conditions and regimens for individuals, although they both have formal training in different areas - media and communications for Williams and psychology for Johnson-Jones.

"We know that how hair and skin looks affects how people feel and how they interact with the world. We know this because it is the same for us," Williams told Outlook.

She highlighted that many do not have the knowledge and approach their hair and skin with a 'try a ting' attitude - try it and hope it goes well.

"Due to this approach, you see many individuals suffering from traction alopecia, over-processing, double and triple processing, relaxer burns, aggressive acne, blemishes, severe skin discolouration, severe hair loss, and excessive breakage. This is just the tip of the iceberg," she continued.

Their 2017 goals focus on strong educational efforts to make best practices and health information more available. We plan to do this by educating individuals on how to take care of their hair and skin based on their particular needs - no two persons are the same, no two regimens should be the same either.

HSL seeks to:

- Revolutionise customer care in the salon and skincare industry through innovative and strategic services.

- Provide education to clients, allowing them to make informed and health-conscious decisions in the future.

- Be the first point of information in an individual's search for the right lifestyle choices when dealing with hair or skin.

They have already had one hair meet-up since 2017 and are planning a skin-care meet-up at the end of April.

Here are a few hair and skin-care tips courtesy of HSL:




1. Trim split ends from your hair as often as you can.

2. Never make braids or weaves too tight or heavy. You hair will get thinner and fall out if you do.

3. Do deep treatments at least once a month.

4. Try to leave your hair alone as it grows most when it is resting.

5. Moisturise and seal your hair at least every other day.




1. Wash with a cleanser made for your skin type.

2. Do not borrow make-up applicators, always carry your own.

3. Wash all make-up sponges or brushes every week to prevent bacteria from growing.

4. Use a daily moisturiser with sun protection.

5. Use a serum made for your skin type every night before bed.

Hair Skin Love Jamaica

Inspiring love for your hair and skin.

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