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Journey to India | Visionary Women Seeking Partnership

Published:Tuesday | April 4, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
The dynamic trio of Monique Kennedy (left), Chereese Ricketts (second left) and Carey-Lee Dixon (right) shares a photo with best-selling author and world-renowned speaker, Lisa Nichols.
The energetic and passionate creatives, Kennedy (left) and Ricketts are filled with joys of life.

Through the locally founded women's empowerment platform and community For Women To Women (FWTW), three Jamaican visionaries have been invited to share their business expertise, stories, inspiration, drive, and focus at the Women's Economic Forum (WEF) International Conference in New Delhi, India, in May.

The global conference that is set to begin on the 8th of May, focuses on fostering empowering conversations and connections among women committed to a constructive change in all walks of life. Through this year's theme 'Creating, Innovating, Understanding and Driving the Future', the organisation has added the voices of Carey-Lee Dixon, Monique Kennedy, and Chereese Ricketts to the global conversation in the areas of Personal Example and Leadership; and Education, Skills and Human Empowerment.


Who are they?


Carey-Lee Dixon is a passionate soul seeking to help others to grow and design purpose-filled lives and careers. In 2012, she founded and introduced a women-focused digital resources platform and community - For Women to Women, which is designed to empower women to elevate themselves in their personal and professional lives.

Kennedy, who started her 'Thriving Artist' community in 2015, sets out to create unique experiences and support for creative minds who dare to be different. Through her blog, podcast and Kingston chapter of Tuesdays Together, Kennedy is able to provide creatives with access to the right individuals and information to help them grow their businesses.

The 2015 Festival Queen, energetic and compassionate, Ricketts is the creator of the eMOTION movement that brings awareness to Mental Health Issues in Jamaica. It encourages everyday Jamaicans to be aware of their own mental health and overall well-being. As an artist, Ricketts uses the realm of the spoken word to explore concepts of personal identity, spiritual ascension and social unity.


Journey to India with Purpose


Though they are individually exceptional in their own rights, there was a missing ingredient to them maximising their success accountability. The trio built a friendship and group called 'Mastermind' that helps them cultivate a culture of excellence through accountability. Over the past year, they have recognised the power of positive female company to decipher goals and powering execution.

One of the goals of the WEF is to light the candle of other growth-oriented women, and since the three women shared similar goals of sharing their story, stepping outside of their comfort zone, and making an impact in their communities, they were all invited to speak.

The only three speakers selected from Jamaica in a pool of 500 from 150 countries, Dixon, Kennedy, and Ricketts have the unique opportunity to build valuable relationships. They are convinced that this exchange will further the reach of their contribution to their local communities in Jamaica.

"At the core of it all is our desire to see Jamaicans fully empowered, and within a prosperous economy," the trio told Outlook.


They need your help


On March 14, the 'sisters' launched a crowdfunding campaign that will run for seven weeks leading up to their departure.

"We truly believe that our participation in this initiative will have exponential implications for our local following as we expect to have enriching interactions with other purpose-driven, community-minded women that will grow our networks and fuel our efforts even further," they expressed.

To offer your support to the dynamic trio, you can make contributions online at:

or call (876) 997-4417/

823-0721 for more information.